Do you see the endless flat land? The shortgrass of the steppe? Suddenly the area is changing. Permafrost everywhere, but some kind of socialist industry in the far. Pictures are rising while I am sitting and listening and forgetting my cup of chai, which is getting colder and colder. Let me take you to Russia, 1927.

„We will stay primarily a rock Group. in concerts it’s a question of finding the right balance between music and film. But we won’t hide behind the picutres: both components stay equivalent.“ – thats what Judith Hoorens says about her band we stood like kings and their latest project Russia, 1927.

The Belgians compose soundtracks for silent movies of the 20ies. They did so last year with Walther Ruttmann’s Die Sinfonie der Großstadt and they continue 2015 with Dziga Vertov’s A Sixth Part of the World. In such a concept performing live is the one thing to do. Screening and playing. This not only creates uncompareable evenings but also a necessary story behind the band to stand out of all these post and progressive rock bands. Playing good music is unfortunately not enough in days like this.

But deviding these two parts – movie and music – from another, is then a risky maneuver which leads to the quesion how far the movie needs the music and – even more important for the band – how far the Music needs the pictures.


And that’s the point where those pictures of steppe and permafrost are rising. The german word „Kopfkino“ fits it best: Cinema inside your head. The connection of drums and piano works even better as in Berlin, 1927 to create a stunning semi-classical athmosphere which fits best for all soviet landscapes. When emotions are rising you’ll find yourself inside a socialist coal mine or iron factory. At least this is what I imagine.


Every track is perfectly arranged: Every tone, every note was put at the right place to create the typical spheric, carrying sound. You can enjoy the music of we stood like kings in the background while preparing your chai. But first you have to accept the challenge and listen to it in heavy rotation. The album won’t leave your player for days. Even if sometimes sequences seem to be redundant, a break, a change of pace, a surprising drum sequence creates new feelings and pictures. Like in a movie. Maybe similar to Dziga Vertovs pictures.


Although the orientation of the band tends more to selling the album (vinyl!) and the singles by deviding the concert in single tracks instead of parts alongside those of the movie (like in Berlin, 1927), the concerts will still be the most important part of their work. So after the album release party end of october in Brussels their tour will lead them to daily concerts everywhere in Central Europe. Opportunities to check your pictures of soviet landscape with those of 1926.


Beitragsbilder (c) we stood like kings

Diese Rezension erfolgte auf Einladung von we stood like kings, die mir dankenswerterweise das Album zum Vorab-Hören zur Verfügung gestellt haben.


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